Woven wraps- An introduction to the fabrics

Woven wraps are specially created pieces of cloth for the purpose of carrying infants and toddlers.

Very often they are made from cotton or they can be woven with other fibres such as linen, merino, cashmere, silk, bamboo, flax, the list is almost endless. These are called ‘blends’. Other fibres are often added as they provide an additional wrapping quality. That means that they might offer some grip, or some glide. Grip helps a pass stay in place and glide, as you might expect, helps a pass get there to begin with.

There are other factors that change the way that a woven wrap behaves. This can be influenced by the pattern in the weave. A flat weave will have mould-ability but might not offer the same level of grip that something with more texture would.

Woven Wings Doodle Mulberry Paris       Woven Wings Doodle Mulberry Paris

The two images here show a wrap with some degree of texture. One side is flatter than the other; the texture is provided in the intricate details of the ‘doodle’ shapes in the first image. The second photo shows the ‘flatter’ side which is still textured as can be seen in the deep red wine coloured part of the wrap.

Woven Wings American Quilt Autumn Forest

The woven wrap featured here is a Woven Wings American Quilt in their Autumn Forest colourway. It is a flatter weave to look at. There is grip provided throughout the whole wrap by the geometric shapes giving a nod to quilting but it is not to the extent as seen in the small details of the ‘doodle’ above.

Both of these woven wraps are 100% cotton.


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