Sling social meets are held around mid Wales

Along side Heart to Heart Babywearing and Cariad Babywearing sling walks and social meets take place around mid Wales. Details of upcoming events can be found on the Carried by Love Babywearing Facebook Page

We celebrate International Babywearing week in October each year with a pram friendly walk along the promenade in Aberyswtyth, as seen in the photos.

Three mums carring their babies on a sling social walk in Aberystwyth
Mother with baby in a buckled carrier on a sling social walk in autumn
A group of mums and children on a social walk in mid Wales

Sling social get togethers are held around mid Wales. We recently held a walk in Coed y Brenin surrounded by beautiful autumnal colours and a light shower of rain.

Previous sling social events

Along with Heart to Heart and Cariad Babywearing other mid Wales sling social events have included celebrating International Babywearing Week in October as well as a buggy walk in Barmouth. Yes, you did read that right! We try and keep our walks buggy friendly too. Everyone is welcome and carriers can usually be borrowed for the walk for a nominal fitting fee.

Suggest a sling social event

If you’d like to suggest a social event let us know on the Facebook Page.