Carrying your toddler

We talk a lot about ‘babywearing’ or carrying your baby but there are also plenty of reasons to continue carrying your toddler if you would both like to.

Toddlers’ legs get tired. How many times have you been out and about with them walking and they suddenly want carried in your arms for the rest of the journey. Mum and dad’s arms get weary, backs get cricked, and everyone gets uncomfortable.

A carrier tested and constructed to carry an older child can be a great help at times when toddlers want extra cuddles and security.

Large crowds and loud noises can be very overwhelming and overstimulating for little people. Keeping your toddler close and contained keeps them safe and reassured.

Loud noises and large crowds make carrying your toddler a secure option
With the right sling carrying your toddler can still be comfortable for both parent and child